About Alphabit

Alphabit was started in 2007 as a web design firm. Later alphabit grew to a web programming firm dealing with both basic and complex websites and web applications. Alphabit has since grownt o a full IT firm engaging in software programming, Scalable and to date Systems analysis, design and develpment, Database Systems, Networking and Network programming and of late M-solutions. Alphabit has also ventured successfully to other fields like the motor industry, Real estates, Supplies, Import and export.

Alphabit Autos deals with importation of second hand motor vehicles and parts from japan, singapore and the UK. We have four representatives, one in Singapore, one at the U.k and two in Japan, who ensure that our clients get quality non-damaged vehicles and reasonable prices. Our representatives also inspect the vehicles before a deposit is made, to make sure that the vehicles or parts are not stolen or illegal and that their history is clean. Alphabit autos partners with commendable clearing agents, Insurance brokers and garages to ensure that you get your vehicle in best condition possible.

Alphabit Technologies is a reknown I.T firm. We are known to deliver. We provide solutions to your business or organisation that will last for ages to come.

Alphabit Real Estates sells homes, offices and plots on behalf of developers and individual investors. Due to the risk involved in this business, Alphabit Real Estates ensures that all developers selling their property through us are genuine and that the property they sell are genuinly theirs to protect buyers from scammers and conmen.

Alphabit Supplies has partnered with top manufacturers to act as their distributers. We supply electronic equipment e.g computers and accessories, printers, Stationary and promotinal items like books, pens, printing papers, t-shirts, Building material like sand, cement, ballast, Office Accessories like furniture, bottled water,etc, Learning material like Digital boards, laptopsand so many more. Alphabit Supplies DOES NOT deal with conterfeit goods whatsoever. We advocate for originality. Most of the products we supply come with warranties from respective manufacturers.


The Alphabit Assignment

Our mission is to promote a firm, secure and trusted environment to conduct business within Kenya, and among Kenya and her trading partners.

The Alphabit Vision

Alphabit sees a future whereby all persons are empowered to trade efficiently from any part fo the world without the fear of losing their resources to dishonest companies.

Alphabit Core Values

Alphabit strongly embraces professionalism, integrity, honesty and originality.